Joshua Watts


Joshua Watts  is a  Nuuchahnulth, and Coast Salish First Nations professional artist, and Cultural Carrier. He was raised in Squamish away from his ancestral territories of Port Alberni and lake Cowichan. When he was growing up, he had little connection with his Ancestral culture. After reconnecting, he realized the importance of culture and art. Since then, Joshua has dedicated his practice toward youth development and mentorship programs and is a very strong advocate for cultural revitalization amongst Indigenous youth and passing on traditional knowledge in the many communities he is apart of. He strives to bring people together through art and culture to create that strong unity First nations communities are recognized for.

Joshua has studied under great artists such as: Ray Natrall, The late Chief and master carer Beau Dick, Wayne Alfred, Corey Bulpitt, and Linda Lindsay, amounting to over 6 years of intense mentorship.


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